Vertical Buoy Sea Fishing Floats

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The Go Fishing vertical buoy float set is the perfect set for your next fishing excursion, so grab one and reap the benefits of these phenomenal buoys today! 


  • 1 set (15Pcs) vertical buoy sea fishing floats with assorted sizes.
  • Note that the color of the package may vary, but sizing is consistent with description and image.
  • Material: Light & durable plastic
  • Size: 8cm, 9.5cm, 15cm
  • Packing: Card packing
  • Package includes: 5pcs bobbers rod(8cm) + 6pcs yellow floats tube(9.5) + 4pcs long float slips (15cm)
  • Appliance: Sea fishing, rock fishing, ice fishing, stream fishing, lake fishing, all angling fishing.
  • Features: Professional design, 3 size length, suitable to a variety of fishing environments, durable.